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Patriot K-9 Services began operations in 1997 and has been in continuous operation since that time. When the need first appeared for explosive detection dogs just after 9/11, Patriot K-9 Services was one of a small number of companies offering those services, and to our knowledge the only one still in operation. Our dogs were the first to deploy to the New York Stock Exchange in 2001. We were the first to deploy bomb dogs to the Empire State Building the following month. We were the first to send explosive detection and patrol dog teams to Kandahar in southern Afghanistan for the U.S. Army over a decade ago where war was being waged against the Taliban in their strong hold.

Our explosive detection dogs have been credited by the U.S. Army with finding 15 TONS  of explosives and IED’s in Iraq and Afghanistan before they could be detonated.  Our protection/patrol dogs have numerous apprehensions of some of the most dangerous people in the world while deployed to the mountains of Afghanistan.

Whether you have a need for personal protection dogs, explosive detection dogs, or dogs trained to military standards for combat duty, we are your original and dependable source. Your satisfaction is always assured. Your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. We look forward to fulfilling your need for reliable dogs and dog teams trained by those that have been at the forefront of the security trained dog industry for nearly two decades.

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