Explosive Detection Dogs

Explosive detection dog in training

"Information's pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience."  Clarence Day

When it comes to explosive detection dogs experience counts.  Our explosive detection dogexplosive detection dogs have been utilized by the United States Army, the State Department, Treasury Department, and high profile buildings in New York City.  We have done what others are only able to talk about.  Our teams are responsible for finding over 15 tons of actual explosives, IED's, and weapons systems while deployed to some of the most dangerous regions on earth in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Patriot K-9's explosive detection dogs are trained to exacting standards with techniques acquired from years of hands on experience.  We train with actual explosives to enable us to find actual explosives. Make sense?  Of course it does, but many dogs are trained using only pseudo explosive scents before being sent to search for explosive devices constructed with actual explosives.  

Our explosive detection dogs have performed their mission time and again in the life threatening environments of both Iraq and Afghanistan. We are the original training facility that sent bomb dogs to the Empire State Building, the New York Stock Exchange, and other venues within days of 9/11.  We are not one of the numerous "me too" companies that have popped up since then. Whether you need one team, or many, state side or down range, defense of high profile buildings, secure government facilities, combat operations, or consultation and setup of K-9 operations worldwide, we are ready to support you with experience and integrity.  


Explosives Detection Dog Available

We have an exceptional young (12 months old) Dutch Shepherd.  Abby has extreme play drive and has been imprinted with smokeless powder.  She conducts auto, baggage, containers, building, and outdoor searches.  We will sell her imprinted with one odor for $6,000 or finish her on the odors of your choice for $9,000.