Protection Dogs

protection dog in training
Our protection dogs have operated in the most hostile region on earth, the mountains of the Helmand Province of Afghanistan for the U.S. Army. They have done on numerous occasions what other trainers claim theirs will do but have yet to prove. Choosing the personal protection method for you or your family’s safety is a huge decision. Personal protection dogs offer you the security of a watchful eye, a careful guard, and a powerful and effective defense against harm. If the time has come for you to consider purchasing a personal protection dog, we need to talk.Protection Dog

A Real Protection Dog Or A Wanna Be? 

The two greatest misconceptions that we find when it comes to protection dogs.  One is that a fierce-looking dog with a nasty bark will be enough to thwart any real danger. The second is that protection dogs are vicious and will not be safe to have around a family. The truth is, a barking dog alone may not be a sufficient defense in all situations, and protection dogs do make a safe and welcomed addition to your family. For situations of extreme danger or heightened risk, fully-trained personal protection dogs are the only answer.

We’ve seen many different breeders and “trainers” of protection dogs for sale make wild claims of experiences, expected behaviors, and promises they can’t keep. Raising, training, and connecting personal protection dogs with their owners is not a hobby or an easy task. It takes years of hard work for both us and our dogs. Our dogs were bred and trained to not only recognize and eliminate the threat; but to create opportunities where you can escape the situation safely.

The Right Trainer The First Time!

Selecting the right trainer for your protection dog takes time, research, and a lot of questions. Don’t be dazzled by impressive sounding marketing language and settle for a dog that would make a great house pet but would be unable to perform under the actual pressures of a dangerous situation. Remember! If a trainer's dogs have never actually protected anyone in a real hostile event, they can't truthfully claim they provide "exceptional", "elite", "the best", "world class", or the phrase we refuse to use, "executive protection dogs". We've seen claims by some that their dogs can be taken to work and will lie quietly under a desk for an entire work day. A dog that would lie under a desk for 8 hours wouldn't have sufficient drive to even make our selection process for training and shouldn't be considered for your protection dog dog

At Patriot K-9 we are not backyard breeders or part time hobby trainers. Our protection dogs have a pedigree that few can share. We’ve served the United States government both on our soil and overseas during the recent wars. We do what others talk about. Our dogs were present in New York City immediately after the World Trade Center attacks. We have been vetted by the government for our extraordinary commitment to training dogs that understand their purpose and who live everyday to fill it.

For more information about us, our protection dogs for sale, our training, and how we can help you and your family feel secure and actually be secure, give us a call today. Remember! A false sense of security is worse for your well being than no security at all.