"Over the past six months of increased operational tempo, Patriot teams discovered numerous improvised explosive devices, weapons caches, and Narcotics.  They proved indispensable as a combat multiplier - as valuable on the battlefield as any other resource in the Task Force." 

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"Your teams played a critical role In the security of the historic Presidential elections in October 2004 by discovering multiple vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED)."

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"The members of Patriot K-9 serving in southern Afghanistan have become part of our team working to establish good governance in this region."


"The Patriot K-9 team assisted Military Police in the discovery and recovery of narcotics, contraband, and explosives. They always responded immediately and not once were our requests for their presence ever denied."

"Through creative thinking, competent leadership, and common sense, you helped create a secure environment that protected and prevented loss of life."

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