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Offering experienced and professional working dog training for protection dogs, explosives detection, tracking, obedience, and police dog training.

Team Deployments

Our professional and experienced teams have been deployed, both foreign and domestic, for explosives detection, drug detection, and patrol duties. We have been training and operating detection dog teams for over 15 years.


We provide complete K-9 operations set up worldwide.  From a single team to many, we have the expertise to train governments and private sector businesses to enable them to provide bomb dogs, drug dogs, and police dog services.


We offer German Shepherd puppies from exceptional working dog lines.  Whether detection, protection, tracking, patrol duties, or simply a family companion, we have what you are looking for.

Personal Protection Dogs

We offer the finest personal protection dogs available from imported lines of proven working dogs.  Dogs with the training and the proper temperament to protect you and your family, or more aggressive companions for your protection in any environment.

Bomb Dogs

We offer exceptional bomb dogs for sale, both single and dual purpose, and have done so for over 15 years.  Our dogs have been deployed from the Empire State Building to the mountains of Afghanistan and deserts of Iraq.  Our dogs have been credited by the U.S. Army with finding 15 TONS of actual explosives and numerous IED’s.

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