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Bomb/Patrol Dogs

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We line breed a couple of litters a year from strong working line dogs from Pohranicni straze and DDR dogs we import.  These are the finest working dogs in the world. We have trained, owned, and operated this line of dogs in the Middle East for over 10 years.   

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Personal Protection

We have the finest protection dogs available from any source, imported from European working dog lines from our Florida Location. Patriot K-9 Services protection dogs are the best available.  Our dogs and training are unsurpassed for the protection of your family and property. You can have the same quality K-9′s the U. S. Army and the State Department have depended on in Iraq and Afghanistan. If our personal protection dogs for sale can be depended on to protect members of our military, to include Special Forces Operators, you can depend on them to protect you and your family too. 

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Available Dogs


We supply  explosive detection dogs, patrol dogs, personal protection dogs and guard dogs for sale. We train, on customers request, outstanding arson detection dogs. You can not obtain better trained dogs of exceptional breeding from any other source.  Our dogs have found more actual explosive devices than every law enforcement agency in the United States combined. Our protection dogs are not recreational "sport dogs".  They are the real thing!   

We plan a litter this spring. When the date is known it will be posted here and the puppy page will be visible.  

Personal Protection Dogs for sale, guard dogs, police dogs for sale ...Explosive Detection Dogs, Bomb Dogs, Personal Protection Dogs for Sale


personal protection dogs
guard dogs for sale
police dogs for sale 
personal protection dogs
guard dogs for sale
police dogs for sale

Let Patriot K9 Services explosive detection dogs protect your assets. Few K-9 companies have the proven track record we have. Our teams have found thousands of pounds of explosives and numerous explosive devices in the most dangerous regions on earth. Our patrol dog teams have performed their mission time and again in life threatening environments. Our teams are trained to exacting standards with techniques acquired over years from hands on experience. 

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